Greenline Hybrid
Greenline Hybrid
Beacon Bay
Marina Del rey
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79 Champlain Rd,
Penetanguishene, ON L9M 2G2

The Hybrid Revolution continues with Greenline’s largest hybrid yacht yet. The Greenline 48 offers casual, comfortable cruising in an innovative and handsome package.
Hybrid power has gained a tremendous amount of momentum in the automotive industry and has even infiltrated the rarified world of Formula One and FIA endurance racing, especially the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Be that as it may, hybrid power packages as used by the automakers don’t benefit boats in the same way. (See Nigel Calder’s two-part feature “The Science of Hybrid Power,” PassageMaker, March 2014 & April 2014 ). On the other hand, a hybrid package functions beautifully as low-speed and exceptionally quiet propulsion for maneuvering through an anchorage or mooring field, sneaking up on wildlife to get a better photo, and it provides propulsion redundancy.
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