Greenline Hybrid
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We are pleased to announce the arrival of this innovative Hybrid design. This 33-footer is an innovative, well-built and extremely fuel-efficient single-engine cruiser.

Last year we gave top marks to the brand new Greenline 40 Hybrid. Its smaller sibling, the 33 Hybrid, was introduced in 2009. In the years since, more than 325 of the diesel/electric 33s have been built, and we were fortunate to test the first one to arrive in local waters.

The 33, with an overall length of 32 feet, four inches, is available in two configurations: diesel/electric and “hybrid-ready.” (Diesel powered but it can be outfitted to make it a hybrid.) Regardless of how it is powered, the measure of a yacht is more in its overall performance than one specific element and we found that even outside its hybrid capability, the 33 was a very capable cruising yacht. This is backed up by the dozens of international boat of the year, design and environmental awards it has chalked up.

Greenline is owned by Seaway, a leading boat development company based in Slovenia. The company grew out of the J&J Design studio of brothers Jernej and Japec Jakopin. Seaway not only designs boats, they provide design engineering and tooling to many of the world’s largest boatbuilders. They also build their own line of branded yachts that include Greenline at their plant in Bled, Slovenia.

Hull Design Obviously it is important for any vessel to have an efficient hull shape. The more efficient the shape, the easier it slips through the water and the less horsepower required. Less horsepower also means less fuel burned.

Greenline’s patented “Superdisplacement” hull was derived in part from sailboat lines, with a similar deep forefoot, but widening aft to a slightly rounded bottom. Twin fixed stabilizers, angled slightly outboard and mounted about ¾ of the way aft, enhance both stability and tracking. Should one of them encounter a wayward deadhead or obstacle, it will break off and can be replaced without major repairs.
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