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Penetanguishene, ON L9M 2G2 reviews on the Greenline 39 Solar(2018)

The Greenline 39 Solar is a versatile cruiser that uses what the builder calls its proprietary “hybrid hull design” to offer stability and efficiency at a range of speeds. The boat we tested – the Greenline 39 Solar – is not equipped with the hybrid propulsion system but instead with a single 370-hp Yanmar diesel. Still, the builder’s experience with hybrid systems and Lithium Polymer batteries shows up in the company’s inventive power-management systems. Greenline 39

Greenline 40 Hybrid(2018).

The Greenline 40 Hybrid is the middle boat in the five-model series of boats from Greenline Yachts. The Greenline 40 Hybrid uses the company’s proprietary “hybrid hull design.” The boat has a hybrid propulsion system, which uses electric motors linked to the engines via a hydraulic-clutch system. The motors function as generators when the boat is using diesel propulsion, charging a bank of Lithium Polymer batteries. With a two-stateroom layout, the Greenline 40 Hybrid is designed for coastal cruising for a family or two couples, with innovative features and a digital-switching system that enhance the onboard experience. Greenline 40 Hybrid